I was just testing autovac once more, and happened to Ctrl-C the
regression run in the prepared_xacts test.  Upon starting Postmaster
again, I see this:

LOG:  recovering prepared transaction 14372
LOG:  recovering prepared transaction 14377

Then, I reran "make check", and got

============== dropping database "regression"         ==============
ERROR:  database "regression" is being accessed by other users
command failed: "/pgsql/install/00head/bin/psql" -X -c "DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS 
\"regression\"" "postgres"

I think we should set things up so that prepared transactions are
dropped when they concern a database being dropped.  Opinions?

Any takers? ;-)

Alvaro Herrera                         http://www.flickr.com/photos/alvherre/
"La persona que no querĂ­a pecar / estaba obligada a sentarse
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 de blandos atenuantes"                          (Patricio Vogel)

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