I know. My guess is the parser does not read the stop word file at
least with default configuration.

Parser should not read stopword file: its deal for dictionaries.

So if a character is not ASCII, it returns 0 even if p_isalpha returns
1. Is this what you expect?
No, p_islatin should return true only for latin characters, not for national 

In our case, we added JAPANESE_STOP_WORD into english.stop then:
select to_tsvector(JAPANESE_STOP_WORD)
which returns words even they are in JAPANESE_STOP_WORD.
And with the patches the problem was solved.

Pls, show your configuration for lexemes/dictionaries. I suspect that you have en_stem dictionary on for lword lexemes type. Better way is to use 'simple' distionary (it's support stopword the same way as en_stem does) and set it for nlword, word, part_hword, nlpart_hword, hword, nlhword lexeme's types. Note, leave unchanged en_stem for any latin word.

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