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Peter Eisentraut wrote:
Jeroen T. Vermeulen wrote:
Is this a known problem?  Is there any test procedure that builds the
"base" distribution before release?
Most of the core team is convinced that the postgresql-foo tarballs are
useless, but Marc insists on keeping them.  But since they are nearly
useless, no one tests them, so it is not surprising that they don't
Why do we keep them again? I can't recall at any point in the life of
CMD us ever using the -foo tarballs. Not to mention they just take up space.

Let's dump them.

The FreeBSD database/postgres* ports depend on them. Which is probably
why Marc insists on keeping them.

Well, I think that's a horrid dependency to have. Other packaging systems (e.g. the RPM builds) seem quite able to split up a single unified build into multiple packages - what can't FBSD? What would we do if some other packaging system wanted to ask us for a different split?



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