Magnus Hagander wrote:
> I've been looking at backporting the stats fix committed to head and 8.2
> into 8.1, but realised that it's just not going to work. 8.1 still uses
> the dual stats processor stuff, which means that the simplification just
> is not possible.
> The most obvious result is that autovacuum is very likely to fail on 8.1
> if your system load is high enough. (all of stats fail of course, but
> autovac is a very common user of this)
> Should we note this somewhere?


> Oh, and if we were "looking for reasons" to deprecate 8.1, this sounds
> like a pretty good one for me. I still think we should keep patchin it,
> but it is a very good reason to encourage our users to switch to 8.2.
> Now, we could try to fix it there, but we've seen a lot of issues since
> day one coming from the "inherit socket in two steps", so even if we can
> get this one fix, there could be more lurking around in the dual-process
> model. I personally don't think it's worth investing the required time
> into fixing that on 8.1.

I'm inclined to agree - time would be better spent improving current and
future versions than chasing stats issues which as we know can be a real
pita to find.

Regards, Dave

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