Interesting problem, seems to be planer related:
select 1
          from beitraege bei,
                   b_zuordnungen bz,
           (select bei_id 
             from b_zuordnungen bz, 
                  ben_zuordnungen z, 
                  strukturelemente se 
            where = z.str_id 
              and se.sty_id = (select id from strukturtypen where code='GEO') 
              and z.str_id = bz.str_id 
              and z.ben_id = 100
            select id from beitraege where kz_edit <> 'N' and useraend = 100
           ) as foo
          where bz.bei_id =      
        and foo.bei_id =
        and bei.red_id in (select gba.grp_id
                     from grp_ben_applikationen gba,
                          grp_gruppen grp
                    where = gba.grp_id
                      and grp.kz_aktiv='J'
                      and gba.app_id in (select id from grp_applikationen where 
code in ('app1', 'app2')) 
                      and gba.ben_id = 100)
                and (bei.bei_id_frei is null or bei.kz_edit='N')
        and (bei.bt_id, bz.str_id) in ((96,1259036), (96,2688382) )
        and bei.red_id=1777712
        and in (
                              select bzu.bei_id
                                from b_zuordnungen bzu,
                                     strukturelemente se
                               where bzu.str_id =
                                 and = 1773715
ERROR:  failed to build any 8-way joins

Interesting: remove any of the above where conditions solves  the problem go 
away, e.g. removing "and".

Testet with 8.2.1 and 8.1.4, same effect on both systems. Because of the large 
number of tables involved it's difficult to find a self contained patch, but if 
necessary I'll give it a try.
I could give 8.2.3 a try, but I doubt this will help. 

Any ideas?

Mario Weilguni

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