oliver rombaoa wrote:
i want to add database backup to my program i developed in visual basic 6, of course i 
can save the syntax for pg_dump in a batch file and call it inside vb6 via 
"shell", but my problem is that the batch file executes but stops to prompt for 
a password. how can i supply a password to it automatically or i mean within visual basic 
6 so that no user interaction is needed, i don't mind about the security since only the 
administrator has access for the program. please, any help will be greatly appreciated. 
thank you.

1. pgsql-hackers is not really the right list to ask this question. In future, please ask usage question on pgsql-general 2. have your vb program write out a pgpass file, if necessary also setting up the PGPASSFILE environment setting in the .bat file to point to it. 2-a. alternatively, use some auth method that does not require use of passwords.



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