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> We already log tuple removals by normal vacuums. We can't use that wal 
> entry as it is: if a dead tuple is in the middle of an update chain, it 
> needs to be unlinked from the chain. But I don't see any particular 
> problem with that, it just needs to be wal logged like every other data 
> changing operation.
> Do we actually ever want to remove dead tuples from the middle of the 
> chain? If a tuple in the middle of the chain is dead, surely every tuple 
> before it in the chain is dead as well, and we want to remove them as 
> well. I'm thinking, removing tuples from the middle of the chain can be 
> problematic, because we'd need to fiddle with the xmin/xmax of the other 
> tuples to make them match. Or change the tuple-following logic to not do 
> the xmin=xmax check, but it's a nice robustness feature.

What kind of robustness does it provide ? In other words - what failure
scenario does this guard against ?

I can't see the case where the xmin=xmax check can not succeed, at least
not for same page tuples.

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