Lukas Kahwe Smith wrote:

I just wanted to bring up the wishlist todo items:

I have gotten feedback from most items on the list and I have updated the list accordingly. Maybe a few of the items can even be moved to "Completed" already.

Obviously all items under "Perhabs" could use some helping hands. Also note that I have placed "Plan invalidation" under "Perhabs" since Heikki said he is giving his other items priority and I have not gotten feedback from Tom.

Also note that Alvaro could use some help for "autovac" even though he is still quite hopeful to make it on time.

Finally Pavel is looking for feedback and testing for the SQL/PSM support.

The 4 items I have not gotten feedback on are as follows:
    * WITH RECURSIVE hierarchical queries (Gregory Stark)
    * Better handling of partitioning
    * Hot Updates (Pavan)
    * Reuse of index tuples (Simon Riggs)

I have emailed Gregory, Pavan and Simon only 2 days ago, so I am not suprised to not haven gotten feedback yet.

Overall it looks quite well!


PS: Let me know if you feel I could improve this "service" in any way.

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