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On 2/18/07, Greg Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I've thought a bit about how to implement this TODO already (I have a log
file parser and I hate maintaining it)

Any problem using pgFouine?

Also, I feel that supporting the whole log_line_prefix syntax for this
feature is not just overkill, it's a bad idea.  Output everything in a
standard, complete format instead, and then it becomes easy for the
community at large to build tools on top of that to analyze the log
database entries instead of having so many ad-hoc approaches.  You want a
subset, use a view or copy just the fields you want into another table.
I would guess this simplifies the patch as well.

I agree with you on this point. We need every information we can put
in the database (database, user and so on) in a structured way.

Logging statements is not the only thing to do IMHO. Logging errors in
another table is important too. I'm pretty sure there are a lot people
who don't know if there are errors in their statements.

Anyway, if something is developed to do that, I'll extend pgFouine to
support it (or I'll write another application to do it) and I'm pretty
sure others will do. The most annoying and difficult part of the work
on pgFouine/PQA/... is to maintain the parser. If we don't have to do
that anymore, we'll have more time to think about new features.
In fact, it was a long plan for pgFouine to be able to store the
results of its analysis in a database so it's a good news if it's
implemented in core.


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