Le lundi 19 février 2007 16:33, Tom Lane a écrit :
> Martijn van Oosterhout <kleptog@svana.org> writes:
> > Somehow this seems like implementing RAID within postgres,
> RAID and LVM too.  I can't get excited about re-inventing those wheels
> when perfectly good implementations already exist for us to sit on top of.

I though moving some knowledge about data availability into PostgreSQL code 
could provide some valuable performance benefit, allowing to organize reads 
(for example parallel tables scan/indexes scan to different volumes) and 
obtaining data from 'quicker' known volume (or least used/charged).

You're both saying RAID/LVM implementations provide good enough performances 
for PG not having to go this way, if I understand correctly.
And distributed file systems are enough to have the replication stuff, without 
PG having to deal explicitly with the work involved.

May be I should have slept after all ;)

Thanks for your time and comments, regards,
Dimitri Fontaine

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