Tom Lane wrote:
"Florian G. Pflug" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
I'd suggest that the text is changed to something along the line of:
"database system was interrupted while in recovery at ...
If this has occurred more than once some data may be corrupted and
you may need to restore from the last backup."

It seems the real problem is that it's not specifying *which* data is
probably corrupted.  Maybe:

HINT: If recovery fails repeatedly, it probably means that the recovery log
data is corrupted; you may have to restore from your last full backup.

IMHO that wording would be fine too - the important points for me is to clearly state that corrupted data is maybe the _cause_ of the crash, and not the _effect_ of the crash. And for the sake of consistency, the message for abort-during-recovery and abort-during-archivelog-replay should be similar.

Also, do we want to suggest use of pg_resetxlog in the message?
I'd rather add some documentation of how to use pg_resetxlog to the
manual if it's not already there, any maybe reference that chapter in
a HINT message. In that manual chapter you can warn about the dangers
of pg_resetxlog, and put in an advice to backup the database before using it. I think such a warning is important, because any documentation of pg_resetxlog is targeted at users know are not familiar with postgres
internals, and those users are likely to shoot themselves in their foot
if you point them to pg_resetxlog.

greetings, Florian Pflug

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