RPK wrote:
> Andrew,
>>> Demanding unlimited undo at some time that is arbitrarilly distant in the
>>> future strikes me as wholly unreasonable. 
> I did not mean asking for undo from a life-time log. Since FlashBack
> Technology is already there, I just mean that world's most advanced database
> (PostgreSQL, as they say), must have an optimized way for undoing of at
> least a week changes. A week log is enough and PostgreSQL can keep on
> removing old logs automatically.
> Secondly, it must be left to the user to decide for the number of days of
> archive he want to store. Again upto a week max.

You might look at storing delta's or similar (perhaps with a check table
) if you need to change data a week back. Then you can just find the row
representing the problematic change and delete it. If you really want to
track what happens, do deltas and then instead of deleting them, put a
reversing delta in, keeping your entire audit trail.

You can put materialized views on top of this if you need performance.

- August

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