Hi there,

We have several patches already discussed in -hackers and waiting for
decision. Current versions adapted for HEAD are available:

1. built-in FTS http://www.sigaev.ru/misc/tsearch_core-0.35.gz

Documentation is available http://mira.sai.msu.su/~megera/pgsql/ftsdoc/
as a separate book, but could be wraped into pg docs - it is in sgml format.
We need definiteness about this patch, since we plan
to give several talks about FTS this spring on several conferences and it'd
be nice to present this new FTS.

btw, after announcing in -hackers, docs were downloaded from 1745 unique
ip's, which indicates people really want built-in FTS.

There is still no consensus about FTS syntax - use SQL commands or SQL 
it is  currently duscussing. All we want is to provide our users clear syntax
without boring SQL functions interface. Users shouldn't bother if we have
our internal problems with SQL parser optimization. It'is very difficult
to add new feature without some overhead, the problem is how big it and could we improve our parser so it will not bound developers.

2. Interval optimization (OR's)

planner overhead

Such queries are frequent and its optimization could be very effective
(several orders of magnitudes). We could have it off by default if planner
overhead concerns and use GUC variable (interval_optimization) to allow people to provide hint for selected queries.

3. Indexing IS NULL

Removed support of indexing IS NOT NULL from previous patch.
See http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-hackers/2006-12/msg00146.php


On Fri, 16 Feb 2007, Bruce Momjian wrote:

I have completed processing of the 8.3 patches "hold" queue.  There are
some emails where I am waiting on a reply from the authors, but I will
now just handle them as part of the normal patch process.

I will now return to processing patches as they come in, and deal with
the patches that are now waiting.

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