Gregory Stark wrote:
"Andrew Dunstan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I would want to see this very carefully instrumented. Assuming we are putting
all fixed size objects at the front, which seems like the best arrangement,
then the position of every fixed field and the fixed portion of the position of
every varlena field can be precalculated (and in the case of the leftmost
varlena field that's it's complete position).

I'm not sure what you mean by "the fixed portion of the position of every
varlena field". Fields are just stuck one after the other (plus alignment)
skipping nulls. So any field after a null or varlena field can't have its
position cached at all.

I'd forgotten about nulls :-( . Nevertheless, it's hard to think of a case where the penalty for shifting fixed size fields to the front is going to be very big. If we really wanted to optimise for speed for some varlena case, we'd probably need to keep stats on usage patterns, but that seems like massive overkill.



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