Pavel Stehule wrote:
>> > And users are constantly complaining that PostgreSQL doesn't have
>> > fulltext indexing capabilities (if they don't know about tsearch2) or
>> > about how hard it is to use tsearch2.
>> >
>> >> SELECT create_fulltext_mapping(cfgname, ARRAY['lex..','..'],
>> >> ARRAY['...']) is readable.
>> >
>> > Hardly. Because it's not like SQL:
>> I have to agree here.
>> SELECT create_fulltext_mapping(cfgname, ARRAY['lex..','..'],
>> ARRAY['...']) is readable.
>> Is a total no op. We might as well just leave it in contrib.
> I am for integration tsearch to core, why not. But I don't see reason
> for special syntax. Stored procedures is exactly good tool for it.

I am not talking about stored procedures. I am talking about a very
ugly, counter intuitive syntax above.

Initializing full text should be as simple as:


(or something similar)


CREATE TABLE foo (id serial, names text FULLTEXT);

Anything more complicated is a waste of cycles.

Joshua D. Drake


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