Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Warren Turkal wrote:
>> On Thursday 22 February 2007 05:26, Andrew Dunstan wrote:
>>> 2. Many people (and some buildfarm members) operate against mirrors of
>>> the main repo which are created with rsync or CVSup. I am not aware of
>>> any way to do the equivalent with SVN - 

Well you could just use rsync with svn ;)

>> any info would be gratefully
>>> received. Of course, SVN is better at disconnected operation than CVS,
>>> so it might be a non-issue for many. Even so, it might be a pity to have
>>> to forego the facility.
>> Check out svnsync for SVN. It's part of a normal SVN installation.

That is cool, I didn't know about that.

Other items I find interesting about SVN:

1. It has an api that can be written to, that may or may not be helpful
to buildfarm.

2. It has mindshare. I know that isn't a big deal to a lot of people
here, but the it is becoming the new cvs. There are others of course
(like monotone) but most projects I know are moving from cvs to svn or
starting with svn.

Joshua D. Drake

> Nifty.
> Thanks.
> andrew
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