Joshua D. Drake wrote:

5 weeks to feature freeze folks. Please provide updates including if you
think you will have a patch submitted before feature freeze. Be
realistic, if you can't make it -- say so.

Alvaro Herrera: Autovacuum improvements (maintenance window etc..)
Gavin Sherry: Bitmap Indexes (on disk), possible basic Window functions
Greg Stark: WITH/Recursive Queries?
Andrei Kovalesvki: Some Win32 work with Magnus
Magnus Hagander: VC++ support (thank goodness)
Heikki Linnakangas: Vacuum for Bitmap Indexes, Group Index Tuples
Oleg Bartunov: Tsearch2 in core
Neil Conway: Patch Review (including enums), pg_fcache
PeterE: XML
ITAGAKI Takahiro: Dead space map, load distributed checkpoints
Stephen Frost: Default permission per object/schema
Tom Lane: Cost based functions, operator overhaul, Plan Invalidation?
Simon Riggs: HOT ( you know he just is )
Pavan Deolasee: HOT ( never met him )
Teodor Sigaev: Tsearch2 in core (with Oleg)
Jeff Davis: Synchronized scanning
Henry Hotz: GSSAPI (with Magnus)
Andrew Dunstan: Something with COPY? Andrew?
David Fetter: Arrays of compound types

Looking for updates on Updateable views. Anyone? Bueller?

Afaik Bernd is working in this one and he is targetting 8.4

Looks like we are doing redundant work here:

Where/how do you maintained your todo list Joshua? Would love to join "forces" on this one .. especially since I send out emails to many of the above noted people. If we both send emails to everybody they might get ticked off ..


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