On Saturday 24 February 2007 23:11, Tom Lane wrote:
> I also tend to think that a conversion will be easier in a year or two
> than it is today --- the problems noted upthread are certainly a
> heads-up that cvs2svn is not yet as robust as one could wish.

Cvs2svn seems to make as much sense of CVS data as possible. The only real 
problem I have seen is with regard to the malformed files I mentioned 
earlier. I haven't seen any other concrete examples. Could someone fix the 
previously mentioned files in the CVS respository to be valid? After fixing 
those files, I get no messages during import except that some commit comments 
appear to be in some encoding other than ascii. I am in the middle of 
checking commits involving those files to make sure they make sense.

Warren Turkal (w00t)

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