Robert Treat wrote:

FWIW ClearCase also offers a command line version of its merge tool, where it shows three columns (a la diff --side-by-side) and allows you to pick which column you want to merge in (repo, change1, or change2 for example). It's a nice attempt at doing it on the command line, but the graphical version is so much better it's worth it to work out remote X and use that instead :-)

If ClearCase is held up as a model SCM system the God help us.

True story: a few years back I had a team that where some of them had been using ClearCase, and when they joined our team switched to CVS. A few months later the company made a company-wide decision to standardise on ClearCase. Within weeks I had them begging and pleading with me to be allowed to go back to CVS.



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