Tom Lane wrote:
> Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Well, here's a question. Given the recent discussion re full 
>> disjunction, I'd like to know what sort of commitment we are going to 
>> give people who work on proposed projects.
> Um, if you mean are we going to promise to accept a patch in advance of
> seeing it, the answer is certainly not.  Still, a SoC author can improve
> his chances in all the usual ways, primarily by getting discussion and
> rough consensus on a spec and then on an implementation sketch before
> he starts to do much code.  Lots of showstopper problems can be caught
> at that stage.

We cannot necessarily expect the students to work this way without
guidance if they are not familiar with our processes before they start.
The mentors should be there to guide not just with the technical aspects
of the project, but the procedural as well imho.

Regards, Dave

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