Andrew Dunstan wrote:
Chad Wagner wrote:

    There is some point in putting it in a wiki where we can gather
    documents, links to discussions etc. That's why the developers'
    wiki was
    established, AIUI.

To be honest, it may be adequate to maintain this solely through the Wiki. The only thing I see lacking is specifically who is handling tasks, and what release it is planned for. Perhaps, I am just looking in the wrong place?

There's a good reason this information is missing: it doesn't exist. Please, like I said, have a look at recent discussions.

Maybe we need some extra FAQs, like:

. Why do you still use CVS instead of <insert favorite SCM system here>?
. Why don't you use bug tracking software?
. Where do I find out when <insert desired feature here> will be in a release?

yeah .. would be a good idea .. with some links to key posts in the archive .. would be much less work than replying all the time .. and would also make it easier for new comers to not burn their fingers at rehashing things needlessly ..


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