Pavan Deolasee wrote:
- What do we do with the LP_DELETEd tuples at the VACUUM time ?
In this patch, we are collecting them and vacuuming like
any other dead tuples. But is that the best thing to do ?

Since they don't need index cleanups, it's a waste of maintenance_work_mem to keep track of them in the dead tuples array. Let's remove them in the 1st phase. That means trading the shared lock for a vacuum-level lock on pages with LP_DELETEd tuples. Or if we want to get fancy, we could skip LP_DELETEd tuples in the 1st phase for pages that had dead tuples on them, and scan and remove them in the 2nd phase when we have to acquire the vacuum-level lock anyway.

- While searching for a LP_DELETEd tuple, we start from the
first offset and return the first slot which is big enough
to store the tuple. Is there a better search algorithm
(sorting/randomizing) ? Should we go for best-fit instead
of first-fit ?

Best-fit seems better to me. It's pretty cheap to scan for LP_DELETEd line pointers, but wasting space can lead to cold updates and get much more expensive.

You could also prune the chains on the page to make room for the update, and if you can get a vacuum lock you can also defrag the page.

- Should we have metadata on the heap page to track the
number of LP_DELETEd tuples, number of HOT-update chains in the
page and any other information that can help us optimize
search/prune operations ?

I don't think the CPU overhead is that significant; we only need to do the search/prune when a page gets full. We can add flags later if we feel like it, but let's keep it simple for now.

- There are some interesting issues in the VACUUMing area. How
do we count the dead tuples ? Should we count HOT-updated
tuples in the dead count ? If we do so, I noticed that
VACUUM gets triggered on very small tables like "tellers"
in pgbench and takes several minutes to finish because
it waits very very long for VACUUM-strength lock on the
index pages. Index is just a page or two in this case.

Yeah, that's not good. HOT updates shouldn't increase the n_dead_tuples pgstat counter.

  Heikki Linnakangas

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