Warren Turkal wrote:
On Tuesday 27 February 2007 13:50, Andrew Dunstan wrote:
You know, you can prune what is rsynced.

I am not sure why you brought this up, but yes I did know this.

Well I thought it might be useful to prune that directory you were having trouble with. But we have apparently fixed the problem.
my rsync line looks like this:

  rsync -avzCH --delete --exclude-from=/home/cvsmirror/pg-exclude
anoncvs.postgresql.org::pgsql-cvs /home/cvsmirror/pg

and the exclude file has these four lines:


This setup prunes 1.25MB.

Are you suggesting that I prune this from the conversion?

You don't need /sup/ for the conversion, I believe - isn't that just there for cvsup support? Of course, 1.25Mb is fairly small in a 341Mb repo, but every bit helps I guess.



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