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I suggested a while back implementing torn page detection by writing a
sequential number ever 512 bytes in the blocks. (I was talking about WAL at
the time but the same principle applies.) Do it at the smgr layer using
readv/writev and the upper layers need never know their data wasn't contiguous
on disk. The only effect would be to shorten page sizes by 16 bytes which
would be annoying but much less so than full_page_writes.

First, rather than using 16-bytes per page and having to deal with
handling the non-contiguous space, why not just use a page-level
checksum like everyone else?  Most of the systems I've seen seem to
employ a simple CRC16 or CRC32.

Second, unless I'm missing something, I don't see how your algorithm
is going to work as each 512 byte chunk of the block will *always*
have the same sequential byte value.  That is, unless you have some
way of preventing wraparound at 255 without adding additional block

Lastly, from a performance perspective, it's going to be faster to
compute the entire page's checksum than it would be to check the
sequence every 512 bytes and perform the space adjustment.

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