>> Yes, I do.  If there is an explicit claim, like an email footer or a
>> copyright in the code, we do try to nail that down.
> AFAICT, the footer in question tries to make it illegal for us even to
> have the message in our mail archives.  If I were running the PG lists,
> I would install filters that automatically reject mails containing such
> notices, with a message like "Your corporate lawyers do not deserve to
> have access to the internet.  Go away until you've acquired a clue."

Well that would pretty much eliminate the ability to receive mail from
any large company :) but I can certainly appreciate the sentiment.

> I fully support Bruce's demand that patches be submitted with no such
> idiocy attached.

Absolutely. In regards to your idea of a filter, there is no reason why
we couldn't install a filter that checks for signatures with specific
legal words and strips said signature automatically, responding to the
sender that we did so.

Joshua D. Drake

>                       regards, tom lane
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