BenchmarkSQL is open source, but, I don't think anyone has published version
5.2 yet on pgFoundry.   Amongst other goodies, version 5.2 allows for the
running of Java based tpcC and/or tpcB like benchmarks from the command line
or the cutsie gui.   We've also added consistency checks to the end of the
tpc-c run (which mysql always fails).

Affan is coming out shortly with version 5.3, he'll publish by early next

As a side note and different topic:  The tpcB is an example of a verrryy
disk intensive little transaction.  Running it with a mocked up version
COMMIT NOWAIT produces a 4x performance increase for disk setups where fsync
is not "free".


On 2/27/07, Gregory Stark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I've been doing some benchmarking, I see a 9.7% space saving on the
Benchmark-SQL 5.2 schema which translates into about a 8% performance
The DBT2 benchmarks show a smaller 5.3% space saving because we had
done a lot more optimizing of the schema.

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