On Fri, 2 Mar 2007 01:20, Simon Riggs wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-03-01 at 15:17 +1100, FAST PostgreSQL wrote:

Hi Simon,

> > We are happy to provide that. If and when it comes to the final patch
> > being accepted, we can send a copyright waiver mail which will put our
> > source code contribution under the BSD license.
> This approach is not practically workable and is a terrible shame.

I already made a clarification on this subject yesterday.


It is for every patch we submit. Not just the final one. 

I also sent a contribution statement yesterday regarding one of my patch 
which is already pending.


> What would happen if everybody said, "Well, since Fujitsu want to act
> like that, we won't grant a BSD licence on our material until they grant
> a BSD licence on theirs." Deadlock.
> How do we know that you'll ever give that waiver? What would stop you
> from making contributions right up to the last minute, receiving lots of
> useful feedback, then at the last minute pulling the patch, once you
> think its got no problems in it? If you do this, how will any of us fend
> off *our* corporate lawyers who would like to do the same (probably)? Or
> did you think the various companies on this list don't have any?
> I provided my detailed implementation thoughts on the initial proposal.
> Should I ignore posts from Fujitsu in the future because of this issue?
> Open source requires trust, not legal brinkmanship. If you're even
> thinking of submitting patches here, then it should already be clear
> that the people on this list are better friends to you than people from
> other companies who provide non-PostgreSQL-based services and products.
> If you don't believe that, it seems better not to post at all.
> I'll trust you, and hope that you'll grow to trust others back.

Of course it is. If we didn't trust the community, why would we even want to 
contribute the source code in the first place.? 

Arul Shaji

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