Alan Gatt wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to create a new index which is multidimensional (based on
> R-Tree) which can be used for data warehosuing. I have read the Developers'
> manual about adding new indexes, and now I want to start coding the new
> index.
> My first step is to create the skeleton files, but I cannot compile
> Postgres
> now because of errors. This is what I have done:
> - Create a header file in /src/includes/
> - Create a folder in /backend/access/ for the new index.
> - Created a new C file in the above folder
> - Copied a Makefile from the other access methods, and changed the
> references to point to my C file
> - Edited the /backed/access Makefile to include my new folder
> I am using Eclipse on WindowsXP. Any pointers about what have I done wrong
> or anything I missed?

Well you haven't given us any errors or what c compiler you using...

Joshua D. Drake

> Thanks,
> Alan


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