Gavin Sherry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Could you demonstrate that point by showing us timings for shared_buffers
> sizes from 512K up to, say, 2 MB? The two numbers you give there might
> just have to do with managing a large buffer.

Using PG CVS HEAD on 64-bit Intel Xeon (1MB L2 cache), Fedora Core 5,
I don't measure any noticeable difference in seqscan speed for
shared_buffers set to 32MB or 256kB.  I note that the code would
not let me choose the latter setting without a large decrease in
max_connections, which might be expected to cause some performance
changes in itself.

Now this may only prove that the disk subsystem on this machine is
too cheap to let the system show any CPU-related issues.  I'm seeing
a scan rate of about 43MB/sec for both count(*) and plain ol' "wc",
which is a factor of 4 or so less than Mark's numbers suggest...
but "top" shows CPU usage of less than 5%, so even with a 4x faster
disk I'd not really expect that CPU speed would become interesting.

(This is indeed a milestone, btw, because it wasn't so long ago that
count(*) was nowhere near disk speed.)

                        regards, tom lane

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