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[Q: Is there some other transparent optimization for values that correlate
with insertion/update order?]

So I was wondering whether it would make sense to have a more compact kind
of index.  One that partitions the value range of a given column into
sub-ranges, and for each of those, merely keeps loose track of where those
value ranges might be found.  "Dates from 2006-07-15 to 2006-08-04: try
blocks 99-126 and 175."  Just a fixed maximum of two or three contiguous
block ranges per value range would probably do the trick.  The risk of
having too few, of course, is that one oddly positioned block could make
the index look as if a particular value range was spread out throughout
most of the table.

I think you've just described a range-encoded bitmap index. The idea is to divide the range of valid values into a some smallish number of subranges, and for each of these boundary values you store a bitmap where you set the bit representing every tuple with value < boundary value.

For example, imagine a simple table like this:

position | key
       1 |    1
       2 |    2
       3 |    3
      10 |   10

If you divide this into for example 4 subranges, you'd get bitmaps

 key   bitmap
<= 3 | 1110000000
<= 6 | 1111110000
<= 8 | 1111111100
<= 10| 1111111111

Now to find all tuples <= 3, you'd fetch all tuples in the first bitmap. To find all tuples <= 2, you'd fetch all tuples in the first bitmap, and recheck the <= 2 condition. To find anything between say 4 and 8, you'd take the XOR of the 3rd and 1st bitmap, and recheck the > 4 condition on resulting tuples.

So basically this allows you to satisfy any range query by reading two bitmaps and XORing them together. The resulting tuples will generally need to be rechecked because the index is lossy.

I *really* hope the equality-encoded bitmap index gets into 8.3. I've been trying to keep range-encoded bitmaps in mind when looking at the proposed indexam API changes. Hopefully we'll see them in 8.4. Feel free to submit a patch ;-).

  Heikki Linnakangas

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