I think I agree with you :-)

But then every PL needs to invent it's own variable persistence - maybe we should look at providing a general PL-visible persistence mechanism which is distinct from GUC, so we don't have to keep reinventing the wheel (YAML anyone?).

I know, so GUC aren't optimal for it. Any storage of Datum values can be better. I am thinking about using one row memory tables (similar ROW type from plpgsql). And access via clasic SQL statements. It's need only some game with executor and type cache. It can be cheaper than temporary tables with same functionality.

 * trusted storage for debug info
 * trusted storage for state variables (vector)
 * trusted storage for expensive variables
 * trusted sharing values between PL

I think the use I had in mind for properly working custom variables fits more squarely with common GUC usage, though.

I'll try implement my minimalistic version.

Pavel Stehule

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