[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Peter Eisentraut) writes:
> NikhilS wrote:
>> iv) Based on the PRIMARY, UNIQUE, REFERENCES information specified,
>> pass it on to the children tables.
> How will you maintain a primary key in such a table, considering that 
> indexes can't span multiple tables?

On the one hand, I seem to recall seeing "multiple-table-spanning
indices" being on the TODO list.

On the other, it may be that this sort of partitioning is only usable
for scenarios where it is only needful to maintain uniqueness on a
partition-by-partition basis.

>> 1) Whether we should use triggers/rules for step number (iii) above.
>> Maybe rules is the way to go.
> Since this would basically be a case of the updatable rules problem, you 
> should review those discussions in the past to check whether the issues 
> mentioned there don't interfere with that plan.
>> 2) What other attributes (access permissions e.g.) of the master
>> along with the ones specified in (iv) should be passed on to the
>> children.
> Moreover, how are later changes of those attributes propagated?

I hear rumour of there being a more comprehensive proposal on this in
the works...
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