Gaetano Mendola <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> [ 8.2 evaluates volatile functions in the targetlist of a view ]
> If I mark the function as STABLE or IMMUTABLE then even with version
> 8.2 the function is not evaluated. Is this the intended behavior?

Yes; people complained that we needed to be more careful about the
number of times volatile functions get evaluated.

> I didn't see something about it in the release note.

        Do not flatten subqueries that contain <literal>volatile</>
        functions in their target lists (Jaime Casanova)

        This prevents surprising behavior due to multiple evaluation
        of a <literal>volatile</> function (such as <function>random()</>
        or <function>nextval()</>).  It might cause performance
        degradation in the presence of functions that are unnecessarily
        marked as <literal>volatile</>.

                        regards, tom lane

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