On Mar 6, 2007, at 9:43 AM, Josh Berkus wrote:
Don't get me wrong, I want things to be easily understandable as well
but the reason you site above pretty much
makes us need to remove most of the postgresql.conf, including all
bgwriter, vacuum cost delay, and autovac settings.
Not to mention commit delay and others ;).

Wouldn't that be nice!

The explosion of GUC settings is primarily a result of not enough information. The reason there are 7 bgwriter settings, for example, is that we have no idea what those settings should be and are hoping that people will tinker with them and tell us. Someday when I can fully profile bgwriter, we'll just have one setting: bgwriter_aggressive, set to a number between 0 and 9.

In the mean time; it would be great for these multiple-settings cases to be listed somewhere, indicating that it's something we could use help with. I think that with some explanation of what we're looking for there's any number of people who could do this kind of profiling.
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