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> * is_top_level: TRUE if command is being driven directly from
>   exec_simple_query or exec_execute_message, else FALSE (this would
>   need to be passed through PortalRun, so it gets this parameter added
>   too).


> The point of adding is_top_level is to provide a simpler, more reliable
> means for PreventTransactionChain and related functions to detect
> whether a function is trying to invoke a non-transaction-block-safe
> command.  Currently we rely on an ugly test involving seeing if the
> statement node is in the QueryContext, but that's always been a kluge,
> and I'm not sure that it works 100% even today.  I'd like to get rid
> of the QueryContext global altogether.

I'm not exactly following. How does the exec_simple_query or
exec_execute_message tell you whether you're in a transaction?

Can't you exec_simple_query("BEGIN;") and then exec_simple_query a second
query in the same transaction?

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