Magnus Hagander wrote:
> The easy fix for this is to remove the calls. Which obviously will break
> some client apps. A fairly easy fix for the WSAStartup() call is to have
> a check in the connection functions against a global variable that will
> then make sure to call WSAStartup() the first time it's called.
> That would leave us "leaking" the WSAStartup() call, but only one per
> application. This is not perfect, but I'm thinking we can maybe live
> with that. 
> If not, perhaps we can have it call WSAStartup() everytime we connect to
> a server, and then WSACleanup() when we shut down that connection with
> PQfinish(). 

Taken from MSDN docs, this seems the recommended solution. After the
first WSAStartup call subsequent calls are cheap because they only
increment a counter.


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