On Thu, 2007-03-08 at 13:29 -0500, Doug Knight wrote:

> I would preserve the existing trigger function as little t "-t", and
> maybe implement a catchup trigger function as big t "-T"? Set it up so
> that if the first attempt to find the WAL file postgres is currently
> requesting succeeds, skip over the trigger check. If the first attempt
> fails, then do your trigger check. That way, in the OCF script, the
> postmaster can be started, the trigger file set, and connection to the
> database looped on until it succeeds as an indication for when the
> database is up and available. I think that's cleaner than comparing a
> filename from a 'ps' command. Once I've completed the OCF script and
> done some testing, I'll forward it to you for you to review and see if
> you want to include it.

I'm happy to do this, unless other objections.

I'll be doing another version before feature freeze.

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