Not checkpointing at all is not a good plan, since this will lead to an
enormous build up of WAL files and a very long recovery time if the
system does fail.

I appreciate your detailed comments.
Following your comments, I revised the problem.
Sigres-0.1.3 does checkpointings.

In summary, the features of Sigres-0.1.3 are as follows.
0: 10% faster than conventional PostgreSQL under tmpfs.
1: Checkpointings are continually executed.
2: Sigres mode is in default (the mode can be turned off via postgresql.conf).
3: issue_xlog_sync is called only by bgwriter (continually, via
4: The entity of XLogWrite (_XLogWrite in my code) is called by both
backends and a bgwriter.
For each backend, _XLogWrite is called only via AdvanceXLInsertBuffer.
For a bgwriter, _XLogWrite is called via CreateCheckPoint.

Please try it if you have interest.

Again, I really appreciate beneficial comments from this community !


-- Hideyuki

Hideyuki Kawashima (Ph.D.)
University of Tsukuba
Assistant Professor

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