Reviewing earlier threads, I realised that there was a potential
bug/loophole in PITR backups in conjunction with avoiding WAL for bulk
operations. This would be rare, but should be fixed.

Say you issue COPY, CREATE INDEX etc..
...then bulk operation ends.
This will result in a base backup that does not contain the data written
during the bulk operation and the changes aren't in WAL either.

I propose to fix this by making two new calls
 bool RequestBulkCommandUseNoWAL(void)
 void ResetBulkCommandUseNoWAL(void)

so we would use it like this
 use_wal = RequestBulkCommandUseNoWAL()
and then at end of operation
 if (!use_wal)

The routine would record a flag on the shmem ControlFile data that would
prevent pg_start backup functions from executing while a bulk operation
was in progress. It would also prevent a bulk operation from using no
WAL while a backup was in progress, as is already the case, since the
backup can only take place while archiving is enabled.

A new entry point pg_start_backup(text, bool) would allow the user to
specify whether to wait for bulk ops to finish, or not. The old entry
point would always wait, to ensure safety in all cases.


  Simon Riggs             

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