Magnus Hagander wrote:

In which case it can simply be because I was building against a libpq
built with MSVC = it had the broken startup code, and you used a mingw
one, which didn't have it.

Maybe - but it does imply it's potentially easy to break code with this change.

Per the docs, an application like slon *should* make it's own call to
WSAStartup() because it uses socket functions diretly (port/pipe.c)...

Another question related to backpatching - should I backpatch this to
8.1 and 8.0 as well? I know we said we more or less don't maintain the
win32 port back there because it was too new, but this is all code in
the client libpq, which has been around no win32 much longer. The reason
I'm asking is that the original reporter of this problem is on 8.1...

I'm leaning towards yes, but would like to hear further comments...

I'm far from convinced it should be backpatched at all.


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