On Fri, 2007-03-09 at 17:47, Tom Lane wrote:
> I don't think that people are very likely to need to turn archiving on
> and off on-the-fly.

We did need occasionally to turn archiving on on-the-fly. It did happen
that I started up a new DB machine and I did not have yet the log
archive available, so I had to wait with configuring that, but the
machine went on-line before the archive machine was ready... and then
later I had to switch on archiving. It was very convenient that I could
do it without a restart.

It's true that has been rare occasion, more often you just need to
change the archive command (e.g. to archive to a different location if
the archive repository goes down).

It's somewhat moot for us as we changed to use Slony (which is a heavy
beast but once it works it's great).


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