I didn't mean to imply that getting paid is correlated with getting
commit privileges.  However, there is literature that supports the
idea that those who are under employ to help in OSS projects may
behave differently than those who are contributing in their free time
(check out 
We're trying to get an idea if there are perhaps two different
phenomena in our data.  We're trying to separate those who have commit
privileges into those employed by a company to help out as part of
their job and those who do so in their free time at the time of their
first commit.  I really appreciate any help that you can provide.  If
it appears that I'm making incorrect assumptions about how the
community works, please feel free to correct me or point me to
resources.  Thanks.

-- Chris

On 3/8/07, Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Josh Berkus <josh@agliodbs.com> writes:
> Christian,
>> More specifically, could those
>> who worked on apache as some aspect of their job prior to getting repo
>> access let me know?  Or if there are devs who know this information
>> about others, I'd be really appreciative to get it.

> Hmmm.  Wrong project.  And I think you're making the (incorrect) assumption
> that granting commit rights works the same way in all projects.   It does
> not.

Even more to the point, "getting paid for" has almost nothing to do
with "has commit privileges".  At least on this project.

                        regards, tom lane

Christian Bird

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