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> COPY command now also uses this hint, to allow test results and
> discussion. Others could also, perhaps needing different values.

Hm. It occurs to me that different commands may want different size buffer

As I understand it the reason your buffer rings are more than just a single
target buffer are:

1) For sequential scans because it creates a window for synchronized
   sequential scans.

2) For dirty buffers because the dirty evicting the dirty buffer will force an
   XLogFlush and we want to give a chance for the WAL pointer to advance past
   the buffer's LSN. Ie, to allow other transactions to do our fsync for us
   since it won't cost them much extra if anything.

Can you log whenever your ring buffer finds a provides a dirty buffer whose
LSN requires syncing the WAL log? That will help you figure out how large a
ring buffer you need to guarantee property 2.

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