"Pavel Stehule" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I don't see any important difference, why 8.1. have to down.

I dunno, but gdb is doing you no favors with such a silly backtrace.
It sorta looks like you have some files built with -g and some without
... or perhaps you are trying to gdb the core file against the wrong

propably I had to do some errors. Next cycle produce different output:

#0  FreeExecutorState (estate=0x966eb2c) at execUtils.c:260
260 FreeExprContext((ExprContext *) linitial(estate->es_exprcontexts));
(gdb) bt
#0  FreeExecutorState (estate=0x966eb2c) at execUtils.c:260
#1  0x00528c9c in plpgpsm_xact_cb () from /usr/local/pgsql81/lib/plpgpsm.so
#2  0x080b0d81 in CallXactCallbacks (event=XACT_EVENT_COMMIT) at xact.c:2618
#3  0x080b49a8 in CommitTransaction () at xact.c:1534
#4  0x080b4c06 in CommitTransactionCommand () at xact.c:2184
#5  0x081d7c3a in finish_xact_command () at postgres.c:2021
#6 0x081d891a in exec_simple_query (query_string=0x963f844 "select fx();") at postgres.c:1034 #7 0x081da153 in PostgresMain (argc=4, argv=0x95ff4b8, username=0x95ff488 "root") at postgres.c:3232
#8  0x081ade68 in ServerLoop () at postmaster.c:2865
#9 0x081aed66 in PostmasterMain (argc=3, argv=0x95fd4e0) at postmaster.c:941
#10 0x0816d559 in main (argc=3, argv=0x0) at main.c:265

I hope so I see problem now.
Thank you

Pavel Stehule

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