On Saturday 10 March 2007 00:13, NikhilS wrote:
> Hi,
> > > Given that Simon wants to do away with having the master table APPENDed
> >
> > in
> >
> > > the planning phase, this would be better.
> >
> > ISTM you're trading appending the master table for appending the DUMP
> > partition, which afaict would give you no gain.
> If there are entries in the master table, I think it would get appended for
> all queries regardless of whether we need to examine its contents or not.
> Segregating dump data into a partition will avoid that.
> I have seen examples in some other databases wherein a partition specifies
> a range of "someval - MAXINT" for instance, to catch such cases.
> That again means that the onus is on the partition creator most of the
> times..

*shrug*...   we can do that now in pgsql

Robert Treat
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