Josh Berkus <> writes:
> Why is a function which returns void returning a row?

Returning a scalar result that happens to be of type VOID is an entirely
different thing from returning a set result that contains no rows.

> Why is that row 
> NULL if it's a SQL function and empty if it's a PLPGSQL function?

I'd say that the SQL function is probably doing the right thing.  It
appears that plpgsql has hacked this specially "for backward

     * Special hack for function returning VOID: instead of NULL, return a
     * non-null VOID value.  This is of dubious importance but is kept for
     * backwards compatibility.  Note that the only other way to get here is
     * to have written "RETURN NULL" in a function returning tuple.
    if (estate->fn_rettype == VOIDOID)
        estate->retval = (Datum) 0;
        estate->retisnull = false;
        estate->rettype = VOIDOID;

I haven't tested, but I think that diking out this section would make
the result be a null (still of type void).

                        regards, tom lane

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