On 2/28/07, Simon Riggs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
There's a number of major features all coming together over the next
weeks, so I wanted to raise some awareness of possible areas of
interaction. My concern is more than just "will multiple patches apply
together?", but extends into whether the features interact with each
other with synergy, ignore each other or have negative impact.

The projects that concern me are the following internals projects

Plan Invalidation
Autovacuum changes
Bitmap indexes
GIT indexes
Dead Space Map (DSM)
HOT Updating
Updateable cursors
Restartable VACUUM

What about the interaction of plan invalidation and the security
problems with 'security definer'?  I am especially curious if pl
functions will no longer regenerate their plans with each session for
8.3.  Is that going to be the case?  It wasn't completely clear from
the related discussions AFAICT.


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