Am Dienstag, 13. März 2007 15:12 schrieb Andrew Dunstan:
> The sentence quoted from the docs is perhaps less than a model of
> clarity. I would take it to mean that no client-encoding ->
> server-encoding translation will take place. Does it really mean that
> the server will happily accept any escaped byte sequence, whether or not
> it is valid for the server encoding? If so that seems ... odd.

Yes, \octal sequences are accepted even if invalid. The problem is, pgdump 
will happily dump those sequences as is, so in that case a char ascii 0xa4 is 
emitted, and so the dump cannot be restored with pg_restore. 

A dangerous feature IMO, and will make a lot of DB admins very unhappy if they 
have to validate every day if the precious database dumps can be restored in 
case of an error. 

Best regards,
Mario Weilguni

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