Andrew Dunstan wrote:
Albe Laurenz wrote:
A fix could be either that the server checks escape sequences for validity

This strikes me as essential. If the db has a certain encoding ISTM we are promising that all the text data is valid for that encoding.

The question in my mind is how we help people to recover from the fact that we haven't done that.

I would also say that it's a bug that escape sequences can get characters into the database that are not valid in the specified encoding. If you compare the encoding to table constraints, there is no way to simply "escape" a constraint check.

This seems to violate the principle of consistency in ACID. Additionally, if you include pg_dump into ACID, it also violates durability, since it cannot restore what it wrote itself.
Is there anything in the SQL spec that asks for such a behaviour? I guess not.

A DBA will usually not even learn about this issue until they are presented with a failing restore.

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