Tom Lane wrote:
> I've developed the attached patch against HEAD, and no longer see any
> funny behavior.  Would appreciate it if you'd test some more, though.

The patch works for me. With the patch applied, I don't see the
weird errors in the pgbench and other customized tests that I
used to see earlier.

I looked at the patch as well. ISTM that we are now moving chains
in pieces where each piece is terminated by a DEAD tuple. That
implies that the MOVED_OFF chain is actually broken. This
should not be a problem as long as our assumption that all
RECENTLY_DEAD tuples preceding a DEAD tuple must also be DEAD
and its only the way OldtestXmin is calculated that we see

If that assumption is true (and it must be true for us to move
the chain in pieces), doesn't that mean we don't really need to
move the RECENTLY_DEAD tuples preceding a DEAD tuple ? One way
to do so would be to collect the target tuple (the tuple from
where we started following the t_ctid chain) in the free_offsets
if a DEAD or INSERT_IN_PROGRESS tuple is found while following
the t_ctid chain. One-by-one we would collect all the
RECENTLY_DEAD tuples preceding a DEAD tuple in the truncated

Not that I am suggesting we do this, just wanted to check if
there is a flaw in my thinking. I agree that we should not be
spending too much time on fixing this corner case and the
patch that you have developed is good enough.




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